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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Dior's back to the future

Have you seen this new collection?
Because it's only the best thing my eyes have seen recently.
According to French Vogue website, the design encompasses 1940s chic but with a modern twist; the models' makeup brings the look very decidedly into the future with bright neons and colour to an excess not seen even in  the 80s.

With belted pencil skirts, huge skirts and petticoats, flowing evening dresses with long and short gloves, it's easy to see the call of post-war 40/50s prosperity.
However, where does this leave us in terms of influence? In the '40s women were forced to be inventive with their resources and limited budgets and in the 50s style celebrated women's shape and bodies in a way that we should look to imitate now.
  But do we really want a return to the white male privilege of this time? Society has advanced far past that point of limited civil rights. With just the right twist on the look, Dior brings us straight to the present and invites further progress.
The collection reminds us of everything great about fashion with needing to wallow in the past.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Valentine's day for the single, feminist or generally embittered with life.

Here are a few tips on how to remain your calm, collected self and not give in to consuming bile, self-loathing and eventually drink.

1) Love yourself and all that jazz.
You're single for a reason and not because your eternal crush laughed in your face.You could have anybody you laid eyes on. You are fabulous.

2)Remember, this is a commercialised day clearly designed by the patriarchy to remind single women of their utter worthlessness without a man. As such, it is your moral duty to remind everyone of this fact. If anyone says they're in love or uses a pet name for their SO, proclaim loudly that "love" is a trap to force women into submission.

3)Boycott the day. The entire day. Stay in bed and watch anything BUT RomComs, (horror is best) the more gory and inventive the deaths of the characters, the better.

4) If you must leave the house, death glare the following :
people carrying flowers/cards/over sized teddy bears/any of the above,
people who are happy,
overenthusiastic shop signs in red or pink,
people who wish others Happy Valentine's day!
No physical violence please, that's what they want!

6) Go out to dinner with your other single girlfriends/manfriends
Have a laugh, slag off relationships and friends who are in relationships, enjoy yourselves. See, you don't need a man/woman, this is much better, isn't it? ISN'T IT??

5) Spend time by yourself.
Essentially important. Read, cook yourself a meal, collect stamps, take a bath in candle light, do whatever makes you happy. Be utterly selfish for a day.

6) Write yourself a love letter.
I haven't tried this one, but why not?

7) Listen to angry, man-hating music.
I'll leave you with the perfect song for this situation.
Also, anything by the Dresden Dolls.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Eww Vegan Freak.

This lovely interview has been conducted by my wonderful friend, Hayfa, Oh-may-she-be-Queen-forever, whom you can reach at her blog.
Some more aggressive questions contributed by my darling Onyka.

What the hell is a vegan anyway?
I don't eat/use any animal products. This includes meat, dairy, eggs, honey and animal derivatives such as gelatine. 
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Many things, among them an overdeveloped sense of empathy. It really is tough being such a wonderful person.
To give a short list, my reasons are :
Animals, Environment, Health.

I had salmon tonight. What did you have?
Ooo I love these questions. Tonight I had houmous, pitta bread and salad plate. For lunch I had a Veggie Delite (yes, I realise they can't spell delight) Subway and tomorrow I plan to microwave a vegan cottage pie with vegetables.

Did you order out or do you have to prepare most of your meals if you want a varied menu?
I can ususally find something to eat in any given restaurant, eg. basic pasta, pizza without cheese, and curry. It does mean I am a bit frantic about checking labels and asking wait staff, but I definately can go out to dinner with my friends.
Do you only eat at Vegan restaurants?
No, but I do have a few favourites; 222 in London being one. They do an amazing veggie burger. It's nice to be able to eat everything on the menu.
Does your family approve of your choice to be vegan considering the fact that you'd need to take supplements for certain nutrients?
They're not overjoyed about it but I'm lucky, in that my mother and brother are vegetarian and my dad doesn't really care what we eat so they understand it. Of course, like all parents they think what I'm doing is wrong most of the time, but I'd say I eat more healthily than them. Quite badly, I don't take any supplements at the moment, I probably should take something for iron. Considering I haven't died these last 3 years though, I'm probably alright on the protein front.
Does Burger King make you angry?
Okay, then does it bug you to watch other people eat meat?
Yes, but i rein it in, for fear of being stoned. Obviously vegan is not the 'fashionable' thing to be. I've come to accept that I cannot control other's actions, the only thing I can do is provide them with all the info if they need it and lead by example. So I don't really get super mad at people and start throwing fake blood at them. At least until the Vegan Revolution Mwahahaahahaha. 
Want some steak?
Er, no thank you, I'll be fine over here with my veggie burger and salad. Can you stop waving it in my face, please. XD

Me, Myself and I

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