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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Dior's back to the future

Have you seen this new collection?
Because it's only the best thing my eyes have seen recently.
According to French Vogue website, the design encompasses 1940s chic but with a modern twist; the models' makeup brings the look very decidedly into the future with bright neons and colour to an excess not seen even in  the 80s.

With belted pencil skirts, huge skirts and petticoats, flowing evening dresses with long and short gloves, it's easy to see the call of post-war 40/50s prosperity.
However, where does this leave us in terms of influence? In the '40s women were forced to be inventive with their resources and limited budgets and in the 50s style celebrated women's shape and bodies in a way that we should look to imitate now.
  But do we really want a return to the white male privilege of this time? Society has advanced far past that point of limited civil rights. With just the right twist on the look, Dior brings us straight to the present and invites further progress.
The collection reminds us of everything great about fashion with needing to wallow in the past.


  1. Hell to the yes.
    And I love how you've incorporated your feminist opinion in there, very nicely done!

  2. I do quite like this line, must admit. :)

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